Come on in!

Welcome to our vintage wonderland!

Housed inside an old cinderblock & glass structure that was once a pharmacy & soda fountain back in the 1950s, our building is a 3,500 square foot space filled top to bottom and front to back with something for everyone!


Our aisles and shelves are packed full of items from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s & 80’s…

 (when will it ever stop?!)
We have an extensive selection of furniture, but there is an equal amount of... 
vinyl records & cassettes...
wall art & decor...
art glass...
books & magazines...
kitchen accessories...
and probably some crazy object from your childhood that you didn't even realize you needed back in your life!

Have a look around.

BUT FIRST we need to warn you...

Please don't fall in love or get your heart set on anything you see on our site!

It’s highly unlikely that anything shown here is still around and available; ALL of it has probably already sold & happily found a new forever home.
So go ahead and scrub those specifics from your memory once you leave this site.
For your own good.

 It’s not like we’re able to order our inventory from some secret vintage factory. We have to find all of it! We don’t even know when or if we will find any specific item ever again!

Plus, we never intended for this website to be a point of sale.

And remember, this is only a small sampling of our offerings.
Because we are a “vintage resale shop”, all of our items are “one of a kind”, and we move through our inventory very quickly.
But the good news is our merchandise is restocked on a daily basis.

That means that with every in-person visit you’ll likely find a ton of fresh, new products to choose from!


Do you live on the other side of town?
Can’t make it by as often as you’d like?

We understand! Traffic isn’t as easy to deal with as it was when we opened back in 1981. 😑

That’s why our die-hard fans (you know who you are! 👀) follow us on Instagram to see our latest & greatest highlights as they arrive:

[ ⭢ @roomservicevintage ⭠ ]

***ALSO, keep in mind: not EVERYTHING in the shop is added to our Instagram page! Not NEARLY everything, actually.
So, that is NOT a true substitute for stopping by as often as possible!
We reserve those posts for our personal favorites, and for items that we know our customers will covet.
Please still stop by!
We like seeing your silly faces!***

But, because of that, the items featured there tend to get snatched up within moments of being listed. So ACT QUICKLY!
(or regret it forever 😒)


Following us is great, and we love you for doing so, but if you truly love vintage & hard to find pieces from the past you’ll also need to turn on post notifications for our account to get in on the action!

If you’re thinking “uhhh…do what now?”, don’t stress it!
Just click the button below, and we’ll explain it in easy to follow steps.
We gotchyu fam!

If you haven't actually been by before...

Years ago, Google offered to feature us in their new “StreetView” thingy, giving people an option to have a closer look inside our space from the comfort of their own home, via the interwebz. Cool, cool. Why not, right?

So, if you’re new to Room Service Vintage, it’s a pretty good visual explainer of what you’re in for when you finally make it over! 

Just click on the image below. And then you can click and scroll around to your heart’s content!

If you dig what you see, then promise us that you’ll come by and experience it “IRL” (In Real Life) soon, when you’re in the area, or when you’re visiting town!


Yep. It’s true.

We can hardly believe it ourselves sometimes…

Our little shop in Austin opened its doors in 1981, back when Austin’s population was only 399,000 carefree citizens.

Much of the landscape has changed. Sadly, many legendary businesses have shuttered, while many others have improved for the better.
But, we think we’ve managed to evolve with the times while retaining our original character. 

If you think about it, in fashion terms, “vintage” typically indicates that an item is 25 years or older 

Does that mean that after over 40 years in business we’re on the verge of being… “antique”?!

WELL, don’t hold that against us!

We’re happy to still be considered a prime hub and go-to destination in Austin for hipsters, collectors, professional decorators, set designers & curiosity seekers of all ages and experience levels!

Technically, we are a vintage store...

But, to many, we’re so much more than that!

We sometimes feel more like magical memory dealers …or maybe… purveyors of fond reflections? 

Hmmm…well… obviously, we aren’t poets.  
But, let us explain what we mean:

Even when they’re not in the mood to shop or make a purchase, to some of our customers, we still serve a secondary purpose…

That purpose being kinda like a museum of sorts—a place for visual stimulation, a place to reflect on the times before, a place where nostalgia and all of its alluring symbols & objects exist for perpetuity, fascinatingly frozen in time—BUT, unlike a museum, everything is up for grabs & for sale, ready to add some next-level character & charm to your own home or office cubicle.

Too much?

Hahaha.  We tried! 

Maybe we’re just not so great at self-promotion.

Like we said before, our merchandise is restocked on a daily basis.

How do we do it ?

Simple:  Room Service Vintage is considered home for up to nine different vendors, each with their own designated sales areas & each with their own personal style & taste.

They each work hard and independently to scour the state (and even the country) collecting items that catch their eye:  

some useful & practical
some unique & collectible
some humorous & whimsical
and some others down-right bizarre & mysterious 

It’s all in a day’s work!

Each vendor is entrusted to bring their own
fabulous, cultivated finds, and to manage their own space inside the store.

So, in a way, Room Service Vintage is a collective or co-operative showcase, filled from floor to ceiling with everything from quality, coveted furniture
“statement piece” decor
unique gift ideas
carefully curated clothing & accessories
and rare, one of a kind collectibles.  

All of it sure to please (almost) any personality.

Granted, we realize that this sounds like a recipe for chaos, randomness & disaster—and sometimes it actually is all of those things—but…

After more than 40 years and thriving…it’s hard to argue:
It just works! 
And as the saying goes…

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Got something to sell to us?

We are usually only buying FURNITURE, SELECT LIGHTING, and DECOR from the public, that is in GOOD-TO-EXCELLENT CONDITIONCLEAN & READY FOR RESALE, but we’ll make exceptions on larger quantities of other goods and miscellaneous items.

To save YOUR time and ours…
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE  DO NOT just show up at the store unannounced with your items!
Our buyers are not normally present during store hours, unless you have scheduled something with them in advance!

We don’t do consignment, and we only purchase outright, in cash, for resale. 
If you have items that you’d like to sell to us and feel they’re a good fit and work under the general umbrella of style that our customers are after…

***REMEMBER: ONLY VINTAGE from the 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s
THINK: Bewitched, The Brady Bunch, Mad Men, etc. NOT The Waltons or Gone with the Wind…***

Then, please shoot an email to:
Be sure to include any pictures, details, and pricing info you might have.
We’ll get back in touch with you promptly! 

Thank you!
P.S. — we don’t do appraisals, sorry.


We ❤️ you too!

So, we’ve already gone over our more important social media platform, Instagram, up above. 

But, we do from time to time post on FaceBook as well.
If you prefer that platform, you may be missing out on a lot of fun content and announcements, but you can go ahead and follow us there if you’d like.

You’ll see the link to our page just below. 

We hope to see ya’ll soon!

Ya hear?


Located on the North Loop Strip

117 E. North Loop Blvd.
Austin, TX 78751



How To Instagram:

It probably goes without saying, but you will need your own Instagram account to get notifications about our new arrivals.

Signing up is simple! Once you go to on your computer OR install the app on your mobile device, just follow the directions they give you to create a new account!

***NOTICE: Because timing is a crucial part of the very nature of post notifications, it’s only logical to set this up if you have mobile device on your person on a regular basis.***

Once you've created an account...

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Just a couple more steps...
AND... you did it!
Happy collecting!

And...BEST of LUCK!
Take your time and check it out.
We'll be here once you're done.
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