Ain't these just the most darlin' little ol' pair o' lamps you ever laid yer eyes on?! 🏜Put your saddle in the barn, tie your horse up tight, & come pick em up for your little cowboy for $125 (as is: shades in "rustic" condition in some spots) 🌵 Cow skull is $39.50 ☎️ And please call us to put something on hold for 2 hrs!

We've got just the right 6 1/2 ft tall mid century cabinet you've been waiting for! 😻 3 shelves inside behind the glass, bottom doors open for more storage space. 30x17" & 77" tall, $499 (as is: some surface wear and repair on inside of the glass door) ☎️ Call us for 2 hr holds!

Here's but a smidge of the sale items we've got for you today in the store. If there is an item you're interested, just scroll back to earlier dates on Instagram to see more specific details such as measurements etc. Call the shop at 512-451-1057 to place a 2hr hold. Yee haw!

First up today: this beautiful drop leaf dining set with 6 chairs (one is repaired). The table has multiple measurement capabilities but at I t's smallest it's 39.5" wide x 26" long x 29" high. At its largest it's 39.5" wide x 49" long (each leaf is 11.5" wide). $349 P.S. laminate tip means no drink rings and no refinishing necessary. BONUS! @ Room Service Vintage